пʼятниця, 16 січня 2009 р.

A pinch of geography

That is Ukraine (click to see whole map). What could be said about its free-jazz? I hope some musicians I'm not awere of play in many cities but two best are from Lviv (the most wester red point). Those two are Mark Tokar and Yuriy Yaremchuk. Besides its local players its possesses the longest jazz-fest in Ukraine where head-liners this year was Sonore trio.
Another important city is Zaporizhzhya which is base for enthusiastic guys which call themselves Creative Jazz Fans (CJF). Among others they organized concerts of Ken Vandermark and Charles Gayle.
There were two free-jazz events in capital Kyiv of which I'm aknowleged: loft electro-acoustic performance of Yuriy Yaremchuk and Russian cellist Vlad Makarov in big contemporary art festival called GogolFest ans also concert of Russian free-jazz multi-instrumentalist Sergei Letov in art-gallery.
For the first time in Kyiv took place richly advertised Jazz In Kiyv fest which was not dealing (I hope only this year) with free music.

Second largest city is Kharkiv home of Zajazz fest with great performance of trio of Petras Vysniasuskas, Mark Tokar and Klaus Kugel.
And finally tiny resort town on city shore Koktebel is home for Koktebel Jazz Festival with performance of (not too free these days but a notable figure in jazz history) Archie Shepp and post-Soviet free-jazz spoken-words project Pushkin Jazz (Yuriy Pafenov - trumpet, Alexandr Alexandrov - basson and bass clarinet, Vladimr Volkov - bass, Vladimir Tarasov - drums and unknown for me poet spoken words).
And the final red dot is Kirovograd the town where I live and where you more likely see Godzilla then some jazz concert.
That's something like a sum of free-jazz events in Ukraine in '08.


Hello all!
I am from Ukraine and my biggest interest is music. I write from time to time to local journals and resources. I will try to expose the situation with free music here. Hope somebody will be interesting in it.

P.S. Title is borrowed from a great and underrated trumpeter Eddie Gale.