четвер, 23 квітня 2009 р.

April Concerts

For quite some time there was no recent reason to write here. Sonore blasted at the end of last year and after that came lull. I wasn't expecting it would last for such long time, but the resolution worth time to wait.
Three consequent sunny April days were denoted with great perefomances.
The 16 of April came Ukrainian trio of Yaremchuck, Goryunovich, Zhilin titled Creative Improvising Trio in city of Cherkasy. Some idea of music you can get from this little video
Yaremchuck is brilliant soloist and indeed worth a lot more appreciation than he got now. The pianist Goryunovich and drummer Zhilin two new names for me (and I'm truely glad that there I still can find new people who playing free music) .
Next day was in Zaporizhzhya. Jamaaladeen Tacuma's recent project Coltrane Configuration. Funky and rejoicing music of John Coltrane was much gratefully admitted by the audience (and me also).
And the next day was the fascinating concert of pianist Havard Wiik Trio in Kyiv. That was quite a revelation to me; even listening his stuff before (with this unit also) I didn't expect his music to be such astounding. His trio brilliantly integrated band with gracefully panned themes and stunting soloist.
So, I had three concerts in three evning in three cities on one great river of Dnypro, all three absolutely differen, and all three definetely nice.